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We are on a mission to change lives. Whether we’re educating, counseling, training, or leading, we’re impacting people every day.

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We have a vision for tomorrow.

We’re not side-line sitters; we’re changemakers. We are a community of people dedicated to improving quality of life across the lifespan, recognizing that people’s needs are ever-changing. We are uniquely positioned to develop and nurture educational and professional environments that serve diverse, under-represented, oppressed, and vulnerable populations. We also cultivate engagements among our local, national, and global communities focused on addressing contemporary challenges to deepen civic and academic learning, enhance community well-being, and enrich scholarship.


Fundraising Priorities — College Level

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Scholarships for graduate support—with a focus on students who are top-performing, represent diverse backgrounds, and/or are first-generation college students—will help HS&E achieve key strategic outcomes

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Programmatic Support for the Renovation of the Huey P. Long Field House

The renovation includes the creation of world-class laboratories, classrooms, and collaborative spaces for college faculty, students, and staff to engage in cutting-edge research, high-tech teaching and learning, and impactful outreach.

Project for Promoting Achievement and Wellness in Schools and Communities

Gifts will create blueprints for schools to be sensitive to the needs of students who have experienced trauma so children will learn, be healthy, and grow into productive adults.

Fostering Global Economic Development through Leadership and Innovation

HS&E will provide an accessible point in the community that will welcome educational organizations, nonprofits, local governments, state agencies, and entities that need the flagship’s help in solving the state’s problems.

Coastal Roots

More than 20,000 K-12 students have participated in Coastal Roots. An endowment will position LSU as a front-runner in cultivating the next generation of leaders in environmental conservation and coastal restoration work.

Center for Transformative Wellness Initiative

Endowed gifts will enable our kinesiology labs to work in conjunction with the Pennington Biomedical Research Center as they seek to conquer threats posed to humans by diseases.

Fundraising Priorities — University Laboratory School

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Elementary Enrichment Program Expansion

Gifts will fund permanent instructional spaces for art, music, foreign language, and technology and will enhance our programming in these areas and physical education, information resources, and school counseling classes.

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Gifts will replace aging technology with new laptops and iPads, impacting the educational experience of every ULS student from kindergarten through 12th grade. Keeping pace with technology provides new opportunities for students to learn more about the technological age in which they live, cultivate problem-solving skills, and explore future career options.

Cub Complex

Gifts to the ULS Cub Complex will impact approximately 25,000 athletic fans annually by supporting improvements to three areas on the home side of the Richard Gill Stadium at the Cub Complex.

STEM Program Expansion

Model facilities will enhance educational outcomes for every ULS student, providing learning opportunities that would not otherwise be available and can be used in any problem-solving situation.

Faculty Support

Gifts will cultivate faculty innovation through National Board Certification; extensive training in programs such as Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate Diploma, and dual enrollment; participation in seminars, conferences, and professional organizations; and advanced degree opportunities.

Health and Wellness Program Expansion

Strength and weight training are the backbone of every successful athletic program, preventing injuries and helping athletes to achieve optimal performance. Support will support students’ health and wellness.

Building Maintenance

Gifts to support our equipment, plant facilities, and grounds will foster a productive, safe, engaging and beautiful environment for the Cub community to learn, play and grow.

Community Outreach Programs

Gifts will support students in all grades participating in or leading service programs that significantly impact the well-being of others and help provide for basic needs in our community.

Visual and Performing Arts

Gifts will support arts education, including visual arts (such as painting, sculpture, and mixed media) and performing arts (such as theater, writing and presenting poetry, and vocal and instrumental music).

National Distinguished Speakers Series

Gifts will support the recruitment of nationally recognized speakers to discuss topics of importance that give the Cub Community exposure to new and relevant ideas from prestigious professionals across the country.


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ECELP Support

Gifts will fund academic support of students through program and facility enhancements; graduate assistantships to support research; ongoing professional development for staff; and increased funding for study abroad experiences for future teacher leaders.

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